New Earth Wellness
Awaken to Your Divine Birthright of Health and Harmony

My Mission

It is my intention to share practical and simple ways that help reconnect people to the earth and to their own divine creative and healing power. I am here to share the message that we are one, we are the creators and how simple and rewarding it can be to make new choices in your life.

I am assisting in the rebirth of a New World where all beings thrive. A world that is a regenerative, efficient, sustainable model for all. I intend to share and live my vision in which humans interact in Loving, Harmonious, Inspiring and Creative WAYS, and where all are supported and uplifted to live their fullest passion and potential. I am here to support and encourage all beings to live positive, happy, whole, inspired, vibrant, abundant and meaningful lives.

I offer insight and knowledge about: Growing, Eating and Preparing Healthy Food, Herbal Medicine, Personal Empower
ment, Right Relationship, Physical and Spiritual Healing,
and Connection.


A little bit about ME

Coming to you from Maui, Hawaii, I am a spirited, optimistic, activist. An enthusiastic soul commited to POSITIVE SOCIAL CHANGE and RISING GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS.

I was born and raised in Southern and Northern California in a priviledged upbringing, yet still, I experienced deeply, the tradegy of our fragmented disconnect from the planet, ourselves and eachother. Despite and through intense and challenging emotional times in my youth, my spirit and soul constantly showed me the ways of healing and awakening through meditation, gardening, interpersonal relationships, healing foods and spiritual texts. I am passionate about local food, herbalism, wild-crafting, creating, self-expression, photography, meta-physics and spirituality, astrology, permaculture, interpersonal relating, community and healthy living. One of my favorite things is to create nourishing, health conscious meals in the kitchen. I also love to sing, paint, garden, write poetry and do photography.

I earned my Bachelor's Degree in Environmenal Studies: Conservation and Restoration, which led me to Hawaii to learn farming and gardening. I then spent time in the teaching world helping people, ages 1-40, to learn and grow. All the while, I was learning and growing myself. I currently co-facilitate a Women's Herbal Study Group and I spend time writing, cooking, enjoying natures beauty and learning as much as I can about balance, wholeness, kindness and love. I strive to be my most authentic self and to learn from all my life experiences. I am so excited to now share my insights, projects and knowledge with you through this blog. Writing has always been a gift of mine and I am grateful that I have chosen to share with you at this time. 

You may see more details about my healing journey with food  under the "MY STORY" tab.

Love involves Time and Space for all Living Things <3

Walk With Me... Journey With Me... where our hearts know no bounds, to where we can hear the oceans whisper,
...from the tallest mountain peak.