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Soul Inspired Garden Install

 Get a simple veggie and herb garden installed in your yard! 
​Receive a the first 30 minute of your Garden Consultation for FREE!
Find your way to amazing health by having your very own veggie and herb garden. 
Save money on food costs and time on grocery store trips. Have access to the most delicious and healthy food. Get encouraged and inspired to create more in the kitchen. 
Find out how simple, easy, fulfilling and fun it is to grow your own food.

Compost Systems and Raised Garden beds

Depending on your yard, climate and preferences, you may receive any of the following custom-made Garden Beds !  
First 30 minutes of my Garden Consultation and Planning is FREE.
Prices below include labor, materials, compost and seedlings.

Raised Garden Beds

Materials from on Site

In Permaculture, we source as many materials as we can from on-site before we decide to purchase anything off-site. If you have any big logs or rocks, our first choice would be to make beds with these local resources. 

1 Bed - $300
2 Beds - $500
3 Beds - $750
Investment includes labor, materials, compost, and seedlings. 

Wooden Rectangles

Our raised box beds are usually made out of purchased Douglas Fir and made custom into a rectangle, square or triangle to fit the needs of your yard specifically. 

1 Bed - $400
2 Beds - $650
3 Beds - $900

Investment includes labor, materials, compost, and seedlings.

Earth Bag Beds

Earth bag architecture is one of the most strudy forms of building and great for Hawaiian weather. Earth bags are filled with soil or sand from on site and are shaped to any size or design. Earth bags are covered in stucco and then painted if you choose.

Prices to be determined.

Compost Systems

Creating compost is essential to any long-term functioning and healthy garden. Get a composting unit installed on-site! We will show you how to make your own top quality soil so you never have to buy it!

Worm Bin

Have a neat place to make worm castings: the garden's DREAM FERTILIZER. 

Prices to be determined.

3-Bin Compost System

Compost production is essential in any home. You can use food scraps and yard clippings to make top quality soil for your vegetables. Depending on the space you have we can make a large system or a small one.

Prices to be determined.